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How Has COVID-19 Affected Our Education System and What Do I Need To Know?

Covid-19 has had a huge impact on all of our lives, globally, and has really brought new ways of life that many of us have had to learn to adapt to. Millions of students have been affected during their education process due to universities/colleges, high schools, and other grade levels not being able to have in person learning. What do all these changes mean for the future and how can we prepare all students for upcoming applications?

Firstly, many schools have switched over to the test optional choice when submitting your application. This gives students a chance to build up their application and pushes for more of a holistic review. Now when applying to a test optional school make sure you see what will be an advantage for you in the long run. Your main goal is to stand out, so if you have a good SAT /ACT score or your SAT/ACT scores fall in the range of the school or may be higher, submitting your scores may be the best idea. Just make sure to understand and know all your options before making any decisions.

Secondly, many schools are seeking out diversity within their campus and during enrollment. Hundreds of universities like Harvard and Princeton and many more have spiked in diversity, making the class of 2025 one of the most diverse classes for many schools.

Thirdly, many schools have increased their prices for education and dorming causing students to apply to more in state public schools rather than $80,000 private schools. When applying just keep in mind what schools you may fit at and what schools may be the best financially. Keep in mind scholarships and financial aid can be a huge help depending on your situation.

Fourthly, due to high amounts of applications this year waiting lists have become exceedingly longer than previous years. Although they may be longer there is still a decent chance you may get in, so do not take it as definite no being that many universities go through their waitlists in order to fill up spots others may have denied. If you have been waitlisted there are many different steps you can take in order to try and guarantee a spot so talking to your advisor is extremely important!

Lastly, Some universities have begun only letting students who are vaccinated for Covid-19 onto their campuses as a part of their housing agreement. This does not go for every university but by this upcoming summer you should be looking into your agreements and policies and making sure you have everything in order to attend classes on campus or reside there.

All together there have been many changes for students applying to schools next year, or the next upcoming years, so being on the lookout and researching everything about the school you would like to attend is super important.

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