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Objectionable Math Concepts

The Florida Department of Education has recently announced its rejection of over 50

math textbooks to be used for the upcoming school year’s curriculum. Florida’s efforts of

protecting its students from indoctrination make no exception for any subject. The following

mathematical concepts were found objectionable:

- Calculus

- Multiplication

- Polygons

- Order of Operations

- The Number Zero

- Subtraction

- Set Theory

- Prime Numbers

- Functions

- Gradients

- Square Roots

- Mathematical Proofs

- Limits of Exponential Functions

Publishers of the rejected textbooks were accused of including things like the Critical Race

Theory, Common Core and Social-Emotional Learning. The opinion following Florida’s

governors’ decision is that all school subjects seem to fall into a controversy where the end goal is to fuel news and fundraising until 2024.

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