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What You Need To Know About The PSAT 2021

Given our new circumstances, PSAT dates have been getting pushed back or cancelled making it difficult for kids to be able to register and take this exam. The PSAT is something super important that is highly recommended for all students in high school to take. It allows you to see what you need to work on while also getting you comfortable with the actual SAT. The most recent test administered was that on January 26th. Students will be able to see their PSAT scores on March 8th. The next dates for the PSAT are October 13th, being the primary date, October 16th (on the weekend), and an alternate date of October 27th. In order to register for the PSAT, you can contact someone from your high school to do so.

How much time do you really have in order to prep for the SAT?

Depending on what year you are in you most likely have a decent amount of time to start studying. For sophomores, after taking the PSAT you will have about a year and a half to start studying and improve your practice scores. Many students tend to save their studying for the last minute given that there is a long gap between the PSAT and real SAT but the sooner you get ahead-the better chances you will have of scoring up to 1600. One way of achieving this is by signing yourself up for private SAT tutoring in order to keep you on track and strengthen your scores. There are many different tutoring centers that offer you extra help, but Sapneil Tutoring can offer you one-on-one practice that will bring only positive results back. Sapneil has everything in order to help prepare you for the SAT from previous test booklets to personalized questions made for you in order to keep improving.

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