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Get Higher Grades And Qualify For Scholarships With
Top Scores SAT/ACT Tutoring

  • Unlimited Sessions (all private 1-on-1 instruction) 

  • Customized schedule

  • Customized learning programs

  • Customized materials included

  • Student online portal access

  • Certified teachers and taught directly by Dr.Sapneil  himself!! 


For more details or to reserve your spot call or email us at:

Office : (888) 509-1067

*pricing depends on students entry SAT/ACT score

Students Taking Exams


What is the SAT?

The SAT is a standardized test high school students take before applying to colleges.


A student’s SAT score, along with their GPA, AP Scores, and relevant extracurricular activities are important factors that colleges look at when determining a student’s eligibility for college.


Each college has a specific minimum SAT score requirement. Some college programs are more competitive than others, therefore, it is crucial that students prepare rigorously in order to distinguish themselves when applying to colleges.

What is the ACT?

The ACT, unlike the SAT, features a Science section which includes questions on Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Space Science, and Physics.


For this section, the student will be required to analyze graphs and tables, review and analyze the process of an experiment, and compare theories and hypotheses of a passage.

When should my child take the SAT or ACT? How many times can a test be taken?

It is often recommended that students take the SAT and ACT multiple times; their aptitude and confidence usually grows as they become familiar and comfortable with the types of questions featured and how much time is allotted for each.


Sapneil Tutoring offers multiple exam simulations along with each program that enable the students to track their progress, pinpoint areas of weakness, and adjust their study plan to suit their specific needs.

How will Sapneil Tutoring work with my child to get a "good" score?

Sapneil Tutoring offers comprehensive study plans that cater to the student’s individual needs.


Our tutoring program teaches students how to annotate documents, extract evidence to support answers, analyze and interpret data from charts, and use context clues to figure out the meaning of vocabulary words.


We empower students to do active, critical thinking when reading. Likewise, our SAT math programs reinforce foundational concepts dealing with algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and complex number arithmetic.

To reserve your spot call or email us at:

Office : (305) 968-6364

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