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College Admission Process

College admissions done through the Common App have been breaking records as

more and more applications are received every year. Although this may seem to be a good

thing, higher numbers in applications means less time to review them. For quick no decisions,

they may give your application a few seconds of their time, just quickly scanning your

application for anything that stands out. For those who may be accepted, their application is

reviewed within a couple of minutes.

This leads to lower acceptance rates as the number of applicants increases. The increasing number of applications coming through the Common App can be explained by the anxiety students may feel when applying to multiple colleges. The fear of not getting accepted persuades these students to apply to multiple institutions when it is known that most colleges running through the Common App accept more than half of their applicants.

The best way to resolve this issue for both students and their parents is to reform the application system. Colleges need to have an updated criterion for admissions and enrollment as their standard admission percentages are ruled by extracurriculars, but can be taken in by the student’s GPA or test scores. The Common App experimented with a different approach for college applications. Instead of filling out a regular application, in other words, ongoing pages of information, they had students admitted based on information collected between grades K-12. Colleges won’t have to ask for as much documentation if this strategy is applied correctly.

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