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How to Boost Your Chances of Admission

Applications are constantly being received by colleges and universities where their final decision comes down to factors like those demonstrating interest. You can increase your chances of admission by showing interest in that college and what both you and that college can offer. Coming to any admissions administration asking questions about the college shows

you are willing to learn about the school, possibly increasing their chances of your enrollment

after admission. There are other ways in which you can demonstrate an interest in a school.

1. You may think you are already on the mailing list as you may have already received letters from that college, but you may additionally sign up on their website. If you are having trouble finding the registration form to be added to the list, you may do a Google search with the name of the school and “mailing list” following.

2. Try to interact and be in communication with admissions representatives as your efforts will be remembered. Visiting in person or online college fairs will have a record of your attendance, where after having talked to multiple people you can send them a thank you email after the event.

3. If the school is hosting informational sessions or has sent a representative down to your school with the same purpose, make sure to attend. There is always more to know and it can’t hurt you to confirm your prior knowledge of the institute.

4. When reaching out to admissions representatives, the idea is to ask questions that can’t be answered through the information provided on their website. Don’t overflow their emails with multiple attempts at reaching out, they will contact you within an appropriate time. Lastly, make sure to remain respectful and polite.

5. If you have questions regarding a specific subject or field, you may also reach out to a

professor. This approach can be equally as beneficial as talking with an admissions

representative as they may also advocate for some students if found promising.

6. It is a great idea to try and visit the campus. Most colleges and universities offer in-person tours before fall admissions. They may also be provided through the remaining semesters. If your time on campus is limited, try to visit the admissions office. If you aren't able to travel, take advantage of any online tours or informational sessions as mentioned previously.

7. Sign up for an interview to present yourself to the interviewee in a positive light; let them

get to know you better beyond the information you have provided on your application.

8. Social media is a great influence today. As most colleges have multiple social media accounts, primarily for the organizations they offer, remaining in contact with their staff or organizational leaders can help you determine if this is where you would like to continue your education for the next couple of years.

9. If the college you are interested in offers additional essays, apart from the general admissions essay in the Common App, take the time to complete them. When writing these essays it is best to not generalize them to multiple schools. This is your chance to show the school your interest in their specific institute or program.

10. The best way to show interest is to apply early. Early Action and Early Admission are something to highly consider. Colleges take note of when you submitted your application. A late application is not a great sign.

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