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How to Deal With The Ups and Downs of College Admissions

1. Set the tone correctly. Make sure your child knows you are proud of them and their

accomplishments. Make this experience easier by letting them know they will have a

good experience no matter where they go.

2. Be there for your child as they can possibly be going through one of the most difficult

times if they do not get accepted into their college of top choice. Remind them of the real

reasons why they must’ve been turned down. This could be due to a higher number of

applicants than expected in comparison to the number of positions they have open. For

students that have gotten into their school of choice, they may feel great initially, but then

the anxiety comes in about possibly having to leave home, friends, or having to start

something new.

3. Let your child settle in the news they have gotten. This is an experience that can turn

into a learning moment as what to do with sudden news like this, possibly life-changing


4. Celebrate any college acceptance letters your child may have gotten. Getting into

college isn’t an easy goal. It takes hard work and dedication for years in order to get

accepted into a nice institution. Talk with them to see how they would like to approach or

celebrate the circumstances.

5. If a student is unhappy where they are currently attending or planning on attending,

remind them that there is always an option to transfer.

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