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How to Navigate College Admissions and Mistakes to Avoid

What to ask yourself to get the best understanding of your financial aid award:

1. What does a financial aid award look like?

2. What are the different types of financial aid?

3. Is the amount of aid awarded in the letter the final statement?

4. How and when should one submit an appeal for a higher financial aid award?

5. Is there a downside to submitting an award appeal?

Questions to prepare for a college admissions interview:

1. How common are college admission interviews and what schools rely on them?

2. Who conducts these interviews?

3. How much of an impact do these interviews have on admission decisions?

4. How to perform best in college admission interviews?

5. What are common mistakes made during these interviews?

How to avoid common testing mistakes:

1. What type of test-taking errors do people think they make?

2. What type of mistakes do people actually make?

3. How can you avoid these common mistakes?

4. What can reviewing our errors make a product of?

5. What is the correlation between muscle memory and error-free performances?

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