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How to Send Your AP Scores to Colleges

First things first, students should NOT send out their AP scores directly when first registering for the exam. The reason behind this is because the student does not know how well they will score on this test. When you sign into College Board and look under your AP Classroom profile, there is a section that asks you to put in the colleges you would like to send your scores to. At the bottom of the page in very small print, there is an option to get out of this. If you have already filled out this section and sent it in, it is not too late to back out. Now before you do this, you must understand the difference between canceling and withholding.


The time at which you fill out and send in a score cancellation form will give you different results. If you choose to cancel your scores before they come out, you will be canceling them

indefinitely. Your exam will not be reviewed and scored. If you send in the form after you have seen your scores, they will be deleted from your record at College Board.


To withhold a score, it means you have the option to not send a particular score from a certain

exam to the college you registered with. Unlike your option to cancel your scores, these scores will not disappear from your records. The scores you choose to be withheld from being sent to your list of colleges will still be sent to your high school. To successfully withdraw your score you must fill out the Score Withholding Form and mail it out to its address by June 15th.

If you choose to send in your scores after having submitted a withdrawal form for it, you get one chance to end it for free. If you choose to send it to any other schools, each attempt is $15.

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