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How to Transfer Colleges

If you are thinking of transferring colleges, you are not the only one. Most college students transfer to a different institution to finish their degree. Below are some tips to help you in the application process.

1. The time at which you apply is very important. If your grades were of better performance

in high school, it is best to plan your transfer by spring semester of your freshman year. If they weren’t as strong, then you should consider waiting a bit before applying. Sophomore year of college would be the best time to transfer.

2. The grades you have received in college matter. This is because you have been presented with challenging classes and if you want to transfer to a higher college in levels of prestigiousness, then you will want to show off good grades. It is important to show you can thrive in these academic situations.

3. Although you have already attended a college institute, extracurriculars still hold an

importance in applications. Even though they hold less importance than being a high school applicant, they still matter. In order to show that you are truly interested in your intended major, community service could prove just that.

4. Transfer applications are more complicated than regular admissions. Depending on the school, they will either use the Common or Coalition App, or they will have to follow the school’s website. The written sections this time around have a longer word count as you will be expected to fill these with extracurricular activities, transcripts, and writing pieces.

5. You will most likely have to write an essay for transfer applications. This essay may revolve around a couple of questions where you will be asked to explain why you were dissatisfied with your previous institution. This will be followed by more questions like 'Why will transferring help your academic experience?,' 'Why will their school help you in


6. Just because you have attended college before does not mean it will make admissions

any easier. You should come up with a list of colleges you are willing to apply to as back ups. When coming up with this list it is important to stay aware of whether the school is transfer friendly or transfer averse.

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