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March Madness: College Admission Results

March means students are starting to receive their college admissions results and

below we have a couple of tips for how to approach any outcome:


What to keep in mind when making your decision on what school to attend:

● Make sure this institution is where you feel most comfortable. It is important to feel

included and connected with the school you will be attending as it weighs a lot on your

college experience. Take the opportunity to tour the campus in person or virtually and

speak with an alumni or admissions representative to get any questions you may have


● Weigh in your financial aid options. A greater financial aid from one school is always something to consider and weigh heavily.

● Make sure to keep track of all the deadlines given to you by the University. The deadline

to let the institution know about your enrollment is normally around May 1st, but other factors may affect this.

● Keep up with your grades even after you have been accepted to colleges as they are still

keeping a lookout for your grades and overall performance.


Being waitlisted means you are seen as a qualified applicant, but there was a higher ratio of

qualified students than available spots open. If you have been waitlisted, schools are likely to

look at the waitlist and admit students based on openings after May 1st and throughout the

summer. Ways of improving your chances while being waitlisted include:

● Follow up with a regional counselor and let them know why you would like a great fit and

any new accomplishments you may have made between your time of applying and now.

● Get the best grades possible as your senior year comes around.

● Submit higher SAT/ACT scores than you did originally when applying.


This probably wasn’t the news you were looking for, but it’s okay to be upset as long as you are ready to pick yourself back up and discuss your next move.

● Look into the colleges you have been accepted to and see if they have any opportunities

that catch your eye.

● If you don’t feel content with the school you are left with to attend, remember it is always

an option to transfer within one to two years of your college career.

● Talk with an advisor to view your admissions options.

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