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The College Board AP Exam Lawsuit

The current situation and technological disadvantages of access and digital connectivity related to AP exams has evolved into a lawsuit requiring federal litigation. Parents have presented their case to the authorities -Federal District Court in Los Angeles- since their children presented serious problems when taking the AP Exam. This situation did not allow them access to the test, problems in sending responses, no access to the internet, poor connectivity, and lack of technological resources. This has led the students who took the AP Exam to feel discrimination due to inequalities in testing conditions.

This becomes a great disadvantage for students who can witness the dis-proportionality and negative effects compared to the results of other students who were able to fully complete the AP Exam. This could potentially invalidate scores for both the passing and failing students

The College Board, the organization that oversees Advanced Placement Exams, was aware of the anomalies. College Board recognized that the glitches and issues could significantly affect the results of the AP Exams. These results are very important and valuable affecting students' college resumes.

Families and educators prevented and communicated to The College Board about these potential obstacles by taking the AP Exam students directly from their homes, as many of them lacked adequate technological infrastructure. They even highlighted the potential lack or absence of security, balance, with reasonable and appropriate environments so students could take the AP Exam comfortably and appropriately.

Families and educators have to wait for the results of the federal action filed against the College Board, so that it reviews the results of the exams that had problems due to technical problems, and those in which the students they had to abandon due to the same technical circumstances. Likewise, the lawsuit seeks that the College Board recognize the violation of the Americans With Disabilities Act. The College Board must be responsible and assume its commitment to set new dates to correct the difficulties presented. The College Board has promised to repeat the AP Exam for June.

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