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Gaining English competences. An 1-on-1 Program to be a successful English speaker

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The importance of receiving good and suitable English training that allows students entry to a prestigious university or college is due to an academic plan that must be tied to efficient training that adapts to the needs of the student. At Sapneil Tutoring we have an outstanding tutoring 1-on-1 learning program that allows the student to really develop competencies and skills and to put aside the weaknesses or deficiencies that they have in their training process. For this reason, our prestige and experience in this field of unique personalized training will allow the student to have well-personalized private tutoring with all the exercises and the necessary practice with the support of our tutors, who develop an appropriate strategy according to the needs that the student presents, which facilitates understanding, compression, and assimilation of content. With this 1 on 1 program, the student encounters didactic strategies that facilitate the acquisition of the necessary knowledge to successfully take the English exams and develop good communication skills in the universities.

The 1 on 1 training program has specialized books to personalize the tutoring process, which includes workshops on reading strategies, writing, listening, and grammar. An intense highly personalized training of the course material that is achieved through the hours of tutorial classes in which the teacher identifies all those weaknesses that the student has to instruct him following the specialized study program. This program carries out several personalized evaluations with specific exams, allowing the student to become more familiar every day through the complete exercise that daily generates new skills and strengthens. The intense practices of the 1 on 1 program includes tests and exams with real and virtual exercises that strengthen the student's confidence in the challenge of acquiring the new language: English.

This process enriches the student's effective performance through motivation and self-esteem, increasing their security. The student through this novel tutorial process acquires maturity that allows him to perform successfully on the exam and therefore be able to enter the university. English is essential to be able to be admitted to a North American university and its good performance depends on Sapneil Tutoring. We strengthen those weaknesses through our tutors who are fully trained and able to rigorously carry out the training process 1 on 1. Our goal is to provide high quality, customized learning programs tailored specifically to the student regardless of their weaknesses.

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