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Our comprehensive test prep services cover all important areas of the ASVAB, including practice exams, homework, study guides, and other resources. With our help, you can achieve the score you need to land your ideal role in the military.

Get the score you need to achieve your career goals

Sapneil Tutoring Inc. brinda a los estudiantes la capacitación de preparación para SAT y ACT más perspicaz, creativa, estratégica y efectiva, en talleres de grupos pequeños, grupos personalizados y formatos de tutoría privada 1 a 1 para elegir. Las estrategias y las habilidades de pensamiento crítico son entregadas personalmente por el propio Sapneil, ningún otro tutor está capacitado para brindar las técnicas de vanguardia de Sapneil para tomar exámenes. No subcontratamos a nuestros tutores; solo recibe las estrategias de tutoría altamente calificadas de Sapneil y las habilidades efectivas para tomar exámenes para lograr altos resultados tanto en el SAT como en el ACT.

Con más de diez años de experiencia, tutoría de más de 1000 estudiantes y análisis de más de cien exámenes diferentes, no hay nadie mejor que Sapneil para preparar a los estudiantes para el SAT, ACT, PSAT y otras pruebas estandarizadas. Nuestro plan de estudios SAT y ACT es desafiante, informativo y está personalizado para satisfacer las necesidades de cada estudiante en particular. La calificación educativa de Sapneil es única y le da una clara ventaja sobre otros tutores: tiene dos maestrías de universidades reconocidas a nivel nacional y ha tomado varios exámenes estandarizados, obteniendo puntajes en el percentil 90 en todos ellos.

Estas son solo algunas de las muchas habilidades que mejorará a través de Sapneil Tutoring Inc:

- Aprende a leer activamente

- Aumenta tu base de vocabulario

- Aprenda las habilidades gramaticales altamente probadas

- Aprenda y revise los conceptos de aritmética, álgebra, geometría y estadística más comúnmente probados para pruebas estandarizadas

- Aprenda todas las estrategias de matemáticas, lectura, escritura y ciencias para mejorar sus habilidades para tomar exámenes

- Aprenda a escribir un ensayo efectivo de SAT o ACT

- Practica solo con los exámenes oficiales de práctica SAT o ACT

Ace the ASVAB with a personalized study plan

Everyone learns differently, so why settle for a one-size-fits-all approach to ASVAB prep? Our comprehensive study plans are tailored to your individual needs, ensuring that you have all the tools and resources necessary to achieve your desired score. With practice exams, homework, study guides, and more, we'll help you succeed in the Armed Forces.


Ace the ASVAB with personalized tutoring

Don't settle for standard test prep. Our innovative and creative tutoring methods include both group and one-on-one sessions tailored to your specific needs. With our expert guidance, you'll be fully prepared and confident when it comes time to take the ASVAB and secure your dream job in the Armed Forces.

Ace the ASVAB with ease

Get access to all of our test prep resources through a convenient online student portal. From practice exams to study guides, we have everything you need to achieve your desired score on the ASVAB and land your dream job in the Armed Forces. Don't leave your future to chance – prepare with Sapneil Tutoring.


Get the score you need to start your dream job in the Armed Forces.

Testing Overview

The ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) is a test designed to measure developed abilities and predict future academic and occupational success in the military. This multiple-aptitude battery is taken by over one million military applicants, high school, and post-secondary students every year. The results of the ASVAB help the military in assessing an individual's strengths and weaknesses, and in assigning a suitable job role that aligns with their abilities.

How to Register

If you're interested in taking the ASVAB for military application, you'll need to contact a military recruiter. You can find a recruiter near you by visiting Todays Military Website. Once a recruiter determines that you're otherwise qualified, they'll schedule a time for you to take the ASVAB at the nearest Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) or affiliated Military Entrance Test (MET) site.

Testing Dates

The testing dates for the ASVAB vary by location and availability. If you are interested in taking the ASVAB, you will need to contact a military recruiter to find out when and where you can take the exam. Once the recruiter determines that you are otherwise qualified, they will schedule a time for you to take the exam at the closest Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) or an affiliated Military Entrance Test (MET) site. It's important to note that the ASVAB is typically administered during regular business hours on weekdays. Contact your local recruiter for more information on testing dates and locations.


The exam in question has a total time allowance of 154 minutes for students to complete all of its sections. If taken on paper, the exam typically takes about three hours to complete with administrative tasks, but the total time allocated for answering questions is 149 minutes.

What's Covered on Exam



Both the paper-based and computer-based ASVAB versions are intended to measure the same knowledge, meaning that an individual's score should not vary depending on which version they take. However, there is one significant difference between the two versions: the adaptability of the computer-based exam. This version of the exam adapts to the test-taker's ability level as they answer questions. If they answer a question correctly, they are presented with a more difficult question, and if they answer a question incorrectly, they are given an easier question. This adaptability helps to accurately determine the test-taker's ability level and can make the exam more efficient by reducing the number of questions that need to be answered.


The ASVAB is composed of ten subtests, each of which is scored based on the performance of a sample of test-takers across the nation. The process of classification assigns a military job to eligible candidates based on their composite scores, which are calculated by combining different ASVAB subtest scores. 


The AFQT (Armed Forces Qualification Test) score is the most crucial part of the ASVAB. It assesses an individual's eligibility to enlist in the U.S Armed Forces. Additionally, the AFQT score determines the incentives and bonuses you can qualify for in your enlistment contract - the higher the score, the higher the rewards you can receive. The ASVAB can also be converted into 10 composite score areas known as "line scores," which determine what military occupational specialty (MOS) you may qualify for.

The Sapneil Difference

When you select Sapneil Tutoring for your student's test preparation, you get

  • personalized 1-on-1 private tutoring sessions

  • exclusive access to Dr. Sapneil's tried and tested strategies and cognitive skills

  • a tailored learning program

  • an e-learning platform

  • supplementary assistance as per your requirements


This way, you can rest assured that your student will receive the best possible test preparation.


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